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When I was awareded the Bertolli shoot to redo their packaging and some Ads, of course I was thrilled.  The creative challenge was to create the food to be even more inviting.  With the Shell Pasta, we realized the serving of 5 shells was not a normal single serving so we went for 3.  It was unusual for the client to want a moody look.  We were not sure if we would be shooting on white plates which is the standard.  I didn’t know if they would go for the darker and textured greys I asked the stylist, Christine Wolheim, to get.  But I took a chance and the Art Director, Nicole Schultz from DDB said yes!  After seeing the tests, the client was thrilled.  And of course the food stylist Sue White made it all happen.

We did several versions and the client/art director decided to go with the more messy look.  Some times creativity has to be pushed and understood in order to make it yummy.


Do you think we have enough plates?  We must have had at least 100 for 6 shots.





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